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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a compact software that helps you control different or all parts of your business. There are different modules for different scopes of your business with practices to record data and to generate transactions. For instance, a Human Resources (HR) module comprises practices for employees, salaries, and other transactional activities to process payrolls.

An Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP system also encompasses various other reports and some even enable creating your own reports. In short, an enterprise resource planning tool is a consolidated platform of your business.

VAIL-ERP system is an enterprise resource planning software, aka business management application, that provides integrated, cost-effective and comprehensive enterprise resource planning solutions. VAIL- ERP package is designed in such a way to support and merge almost every functional area of a business process, containing procurement of goods and services, sale and distribution, accounting, finance, and human resource management.

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Velosi's Enterprise Resource Planning Solution: VAIL-ERP enables organizations to

Accounts Management System
Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
Sales and Purchase
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Project Management
Help Desk
Asset Management System
Material Tracking System (MTS)
Cost Time Resource Management (CTR)

Benefits of VAIL-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)

Helps streamline all business processes
Offers an integrated platform to manage business
Enables you to manage customers, suppliers and staff
Perfect for both mid-sized and larger enterprises
Provides accurate and detailed reports
Ensures high productivity
Offers backed up for data
Suitable for remote work

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