Engineering Consultancy Services

Velosi offers a full range of high-quality, specialized Engineering Consultancy Services to clients that span an array of industries. Our specialized team of experts encompasses over 200 multidisciplinary engineering professionals with a wealth of having delivered more than 600 projects around the world.

We help our clients develop and rehabilitate their existing energy assets by providing a wide range of customized engineering services mentioned below, to maximize productivity and efficiency, reducing operational costs as well as risks.

  • Design Verification and Appraisal
  • Civil and Structural Design Review
  • Conceptual Design and FEED
  • Fitness For Service (FFS)
  • As-Built Drafting Services
  • Operating Manuals and Procedures (OP & Ms)

At Velosi, we believe that our vast experience in providing world-class engineering services to our clients around the world enables us to add optimum value to the projects we undertake, resulting in the best possible eventual outcomes.

Design Verification & Appraisal
Design Verification and Appraisal

Velosi offers independent third-party services in design appraisal to streamline the design and construction process.

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Conceptual Design and Feed
Conceptual Design and FEED

The core requirement of any engineering project is its conceptual design or feasibility study.

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Fitness For Service Analysis
Fitness for Service (FFS)

At Velosi, fitness for service assessments are usually measurable engineering appraisals.

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As-Built Drafting
As-Built Drafting Services

Velosi is a pioneer in the region in conducting the Red Line Markup (RLMU) and upgrading the drawings in 2D and 3D through Intelligent Software.

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Operating Manuals & Procedures
Operating Manuals and Procedures

At Velosi, Operating Manuals and Procedures are performed in compliance with global standards.

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Project Management Consultancy Services
Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services

We provide our clients with world-class PMC services to help them attain their investment goals.

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