Audits and Assessments Solutions

Audits and Assessments Solutions

An audit is an evaluation of how work processes are regulated within an organization. An assessment is a method of gathering information by evaluating the answers to formulated questions. Professionally conducted Audit and Assessment are crucial in ensuring the long term compliance, maintenance and performance of all businesses.

At Velosi, our expert auditors provide professional audit and survey services for a range of industries, including the oil and gas, energy, petrochemical, construction, and many more.

OHSAS Safety Audits

A globally recognized standard used to evaluate the status of an organization’s occupational health and safety management system in compliance with the specific requirements.

Environmental Audits

A form of assessment used to analyze environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps, besides associated corrective actions.

Technical Audits

A sort of audit done by an auditor, engineer or subject-matter expert to evaluate the flaws or areas of improvement in a system, process or proposal.

Process Safety Management Audits

An audit method used as part of the responsible and meticulous industrial measurement to ensure the safety of workers, and the whole environment of facilities and assets.

Structural Audits

A complete health and performance analysis of a building.

Fire Fighting System Adequacy Audits

An audit method that carries out a systematic, crucial evaluation of all possible fire hazards including personnel, premises, services and operation process.

Regulatory Compliance Audits

A type of audit used to assess an organization’s compliance for testing the adequacy of controls in place and verifying that the organization complies with the standard policies and operational procedures.

Flammable Storage Facility Audits

A method of audit used to evaluate high-risk issues related to the storage and handling of flammable materials.

Electrical Audits

An audit that comprises measurement, visual inspection, thermal scanning and appraisal of results to comprehend the circuit condition and any potential or existing overheating of the circuit.


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