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The integrity of assets plays a vital role in conservative industries like energy, and oil and gas where the effective management of complex equipment is crucial. They require superior performance from all their facilities comprising a vast range of performance measures such as revenue, compliance, quality, safety, energy, and operating costs.

VAIL-PLANT is a leading fully certified (API 580 and ASME B31.8S) Asset Integrity Software Solution specifically designed for Oil & Gas, Power, and Petrochemical industries. This software centralizes the concept of digital twin by facilitating inspection, maintenance management cycles, and optimization through RBI, RCM, SIL, and FMECA approaches. The purpose of VAIL-Plant is to assist plant operators in improving the overall control of their assets so that a company can ensure the health and performance of its asset condition by analyzing, forecasting, optimizing inspection, asset monitoring, and linking to their maintenance systems. In return, making every process cost-effective and scalable in nature.

Through Digitalization VAIL-Plant sets forth extensive yet productive solutions to manage your assets. VAIL-Plant assists in maintaining history and records, evaluating asset conditions, identifying the highest risk assets, preventing plants from damage and corrosion, prioritizing and managing the efforts of an inspection program, and calculating the man-hour resources planning effectively.

VAIL Plant incorporates advanced analytical tools and machine learning with the concept of digital twin making a path for advanced digitalization to proficiently manage your assets.

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VAIL-Plant Features

Modular Approach
Hierarchy Recording
Dashboard Overview
Asset Management
Condition Monitoring
Root Cause Analysis
Failure, Replacement, Maintenance, Anomalies
KPI Management
Integrity Operating Window
Risk Management
Defect Screening
FMECA Analysis
Inspection Plan & Scheduling
Inspection & Maintenance History
Estimated Corrosion Rates
Integration and Interface
Standard & Custom Reporting
Data Verification

VAIL-Plant and Digitalization

Increasing overall agility
Replacing and innovating outdated legacy systems
Criticality assessment of assets with advanced automation tools
Eliminating disparate data streams

VAIL-Plant incorporates essential elements that assist to enhance overall asset performance and business productivity

Data Reliability & Integration
Reporting & Custom Query
Inspection Maintenance
Document Interface
Root Cause Analysis

VAIL-Plant is capable to integrate with External Software to exchange information

Asset Master Data
Inspection Plans
Raising Work Orders and Notifications
GIS Integration
Integration with Document Management System

Benefits of VAIL-Plant

Maintains history and records
Evaluates asset conditions
Identifies highest risk assets
Prevents plants from damage and corrosion
Prioritizes and manages the efforts of an inspection program
Calculates the man-hour resource planning

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