Independent Verification Services (IVS)

Independent Verification Services (IVS)

In the ever-changing environment of the oil and gas sector, it is essential to maintain precision, dependability, and adherence to the set regulations. Our Independent Verification Services offer a complete solution to ensure the integrity and credibility of your operations, projects, and assets. With a team of technical expertise and a dedication to excellence, we are your reliable partner in achieving optimal results and meeting regulatory requirements.

Independent Verification Services – IVS are a critical part of ensuring the safety, reliability, and compliance of oil and gas operations. By providing an impartial and objective assessment of a company’s assets, processes, and procedures, independent verification bodies can help to identify and mitigate risks, improve performance, and meet regulatory requirements.

In the context of asset integrity, verification is a crucial process that involves independent and competent evaluation of safety-critical elements throughout the entire lifecycle of an installation or facility. Following a well-defined written scheme, the verification process thoroughly examines a facility’s safety-critical equipment and the associated operator programs for inspection and maintenance, ensuring that performance standards are consistently achieved and maintained.

Velosi Asset Integrity is a leading provider of independent verification services. With over 40 years of experience, Velosi has a proven track record of providing clients with the assurance they need to protect their assets and operations. Velosi can assist you in protecting your assets and operations while ensuring the integrity of your critical infrastructure.

Velosi offers a wide range of independent verification services, including:

Design verification
Construction verification
Operation verification
Forensic engineering


Enhanced confidence in the integrity of assets, ensuring their reliability and trustworthiness.
Improved compliance with relevant standards and regulations, ensuring adherence to industry best practices.
Enhanced safety and environmental performance, promoting responsible and sustainable operations.
Reduced risk of asset failures, minimizing potential disruptions and losses.


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