The Implementation of Velosi’s Computerized Maintenance Management System at Jazal Engineering and Contracting Ltd.

  • Jazal Engineering and Contracting Ltd.
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Middle East
Velosi was assigned by Jazal Engineering and Contracting Ltd. to integrate Velosi’s CMMS and set forth optimized operations, improve asset management, and promote the company's vision within the construction and facilities maintenance landscape.


The scope of the Velosi CMMS implementation at Jazal Engineering and Contracting Ltd. involved a detailed range of activities personalized to integrate the system into the company’s operations. Velosi’s scope of work covered the following key areas:

  1. CMMS configuration and setup to align with Jazal’s specific operational needs to ensure that the system’s features, workflows, and attributes enhance maintenance management across distinct projects.
  2. Assessing and refining maintenance workflows to minimize redundancy, enhance efficiency, and streamline operations.
  3. System integration with Jazal’s existing systems and current infrastructure to foster unified data exchange and operational coordination.
  4. Data migration to convert historical maintenance data from Jazal’s legacy systems to Velosi CMMS with attention to accuracy and completeness.
  5. Conducting a comprehensive training program to empower Jazal’s staff with the skills needed to navigate and use Velosi CMMS in an attempt to ensure a seamless transition, adoption, and learning.
  6. Defining Key Performance Indicators to measure the system’s impact on operational efficiency, resource allocation, and asset integrity.
  7. Continuous support and maintenance establishing a post-implementation framework for ongoing technical support, issue resolution, updates, and enhancements to ensure the Velosi CMMS sustainability.


The process of implementation extended through a series of planned stages, each contributing to the adoption and effective use of CMMS. The journey can be outlined as follows:

  1. Initiation and Planning
  2. Customization and Configuration
  3. Data Migration and Integration
  4. Organizational Change Management
  5. Streamlining Workflows
  6. Metrics and KPI Implementation.
  7. Integration
  8. Ongoing Support and Enhancement


 The successful implementation of Velosi CMMS highlighted not only the technical capabilities of Velosi’s solution but also Jazal’s commitment to embracing innovation and enhancing its operational practices.

Results and Benefits

  • Velosi CMMS streamlined workflows, optimized maintenance processes, and reduced downtime.
  • Jazal transitioned from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies.
  • Early issue detection ensured minimal disruptions and prolonged asset lifespan.
  • Data insights empowered informed choices across the organization.
  • Precise resource allocation, from personnel to materials, led to cost savings and enhanced profitability across projects.
  • Reporting features facilitated maintenance analysis, identified trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for operational refinement.
  • Proactive maintenance practices via the CMMS contributed to asset preservation, ensuring optimal performance and prolonged lifespan.


Velosi successfully submitted the following deliverables:

  • Project Charter document that outlines the project’s purpose, scope, objectives, stakeholders, and overall approach. It serves as a reference point for all project activities.
  • Requirements Specification document that lists the specific functional and technical requirements of the CMMS implementation to ensure alignment with Jazal’s needs.
  • System Configuration document that outlines how Velosi CMMS was configured to meet Jazal’s unique operational requirements.
  • Data Migration Plan that details the strategy for transferring historical maintenance data from Jazal’s legacy systems to Velosi CMMS.
  • Training Plan for training Jazal’s personnel on how to use CMMS, ensuring successful adoption and utilization.
  • Workflow Optimization documentation that describes how maintenance workflows were analyzed and optimized to align with Velosi CMMS capabilities.
  • Post Implementation Support documentation outlining the ongoing support and maintenance strategy, including how technical issues will be addressed, updates will be managed, and enhancements will be implemented.
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