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Petrol stations are generally considered as hazardous workplaces because they store and sell flammable materials, such as petrol, diesel and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The dynamic nature of the place and considerable movement of different types of vehicles, including fuel transportation automobiles and vehicles waiting for filling fuel, can lead to accidental collisions.

The presence of flammable materials at fuel stations poses a consistent hazard to the public, staff, public, structures and the environment. A minor mistake can cause disastrous results. Human behavior is also one of the crucial factors in creating dangers at petrol stations. Hence, exceptional care should be given to petrol stations’ design, construction, installations and maintenance in order to maintain safety throughout the lifespan of such places.

Velosi’s VAIL-PSRA is a professional software solution categorically developed in accordance with the guidelines set out in HS (G) 146: Dispensing Petro, NFPA 30A, and PSSI-S-GDL-001 for the risk assessment purposes at petrol stations.

This pragmatic tool acts as a guide or useful checklist to ensure that the precautionary measures at petrol stations are in place and are observed properly during operations. VAIL – PSRA incorporates a systematic approach to provide risk and hazard management services to the oil and gas sector.

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Benefits of VAIL-PSRA

Analyzes the site, its design, operation, and surroundings to identify where a fire and explosion hazard may exist.
Considers what could go wrong and who could be affected, for each area of the site and operation.
Assesses if the current precautions are enough or if more needs to be done, for each finding from the previous step.
Records each finding and any action to be taken.
Decides when there is need to review the risk assessment.

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