Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Consultancy

Every business is entitled to have a dependable provider of risk management services, especially in the field of health, safety and environment. And that is exactly why our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Consultancy Services embrace a first-hand approach in assessing the hazards that can affect your operations and business performance.

Velosi is specialized in delivering various Health, Safety And Environmental (HSE) Consultancy Services for the entire project life cycle from conceptual design to decommissioning stage, including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) phase and Operation phase as per the requirements of local regulatory authority, and the clients’ standards and procedures. Our HSE services meet all the global regulatory standards with the ultimate goal of mitigating the risk to ‘as low as reasonably practical’ (ALARP).

We offer a complete spectrum of HSE services ranging from facilitating the risk identification workshops to assessing and quantifying the risk including the process safety hazards, environmental impacts and occupational health hazards, providing the risk mitigation measures.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Consultancy Services can be further categorized into the following segments:

Process Safety is based on best design principles along with detailed and thorough operating as well as maintenance practices. In order to achieve safe processes and operations, we propose a disciplined framework to manage the integrity of operating systems and processes and thereby preventing and controlling events that have the potential to release hazardous materials and energy.

Workshop Facilitation Solutions
Work Facilitation

Our Health, Safety and Environmental experts are committed to providing ample support to our clients.

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Risk Assessment Services
Risk Assessment

We address human factors in relation to health and safety, aiming to optimize human performance and reduce human failures.

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Process Safety and Risk Studies
COMAH/Safety Cases

Velosi has a panel of expert compliance consultants to carry out Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Safety Cases.

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Health Safety and Environmental Critical Equipment Systems (HSECES)
HSE Critical Equipment Systems (HSECES)

Our HSE experts offer unparalleled HSECES services to help you analyze and document all the relevant procedure.

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Drilling HSE Consultancy Services
Drilling HSE Consultancy Services

We strongly believe that safety can be as simple as thinking about what we do before we do it, looking after each other as we do it…

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Environmental Studies is an integrative academic field that methodically studies human interaction with the environment. It incorporates better practices and more balanced approaches to reduce the impact on the environment, conserving the natural resources for future generations.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Our environmental specialists carry out Environmental Impact Assessment to achieve both environmental and economic benefits.

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Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
Environmental Management Plans

At Velosi, Environmental Management Plan is used as a vital tool to ensure that management actions are clearly defined and implemented.

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Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA)
Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA)

Velosi offers outstanding Environmental Compliance Audit solutions to private and government organizations.

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Environmental Modelling and Assessment (EMA)
Environmental Modelling & Assessment

Velosi’s Environmental Modelling services ensure all the necessary support and tools required for mitigating risks and decreasing capital…

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Environmental Monitoring and Testing (EMT)
Environmental Monitoring and Testing

At Velosi, Environmental Monitoring and Testing method is commonly used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments…

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Occupational Risk Assessment (OHRA) is a process to estimate health risks from exposure to different levels of a workplace hazard. Comprehending how much exposure to a potential threat poses health risks to employees is vital in eliminating, controlling, and reducing those risks.

Emergency Management and Planning (EMP) Solutions
Emergency Management & Planning

Velosi provides unparalleled Emergency Management and Planning (EMP) services to an increasingly diverse customer base…

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Qualitative Occupational Health Risk Assessment (OHRA) Solutions
Qualitative OHRA

At Velosi, our skilled risk assessment professionals conduct Qualitative Occupational Health Risk Assessment…

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Quantitative Occupational Health Risk Assessment (OHRA) Solutions
Quantitative OHRA

At Velosi, our expert Occupational Health Risk Assessment team conducts quantitative risk assessments utilizing sampling and analytical techniques…

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Workplace Exposure Monitoring Solutions
Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Velosi offers exceptional Workplace Exposure Monitoring services that enclose observing processes, asking relevant questions…

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Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan (IHMP)
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan

Velosi provides an effective Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan that serves to analyze, quantify, and set up workplace hazards effectively.

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