4 Top Most Companies Enhancing Business Productivity through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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Enhance Business Efficiency and Agility with Advance ERP Systems

Businesses are expanding rapidly with managing complex resources. Due to this business, vendors must give thorough thought to whether resources are being managed appropriately. The most effective method is to manage composite business operations through optimization and automation.

How can we automate and optimize complex business operations? Through an efficient ERP system. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system aims to enhance business efficiency and productivity through a centralized database. In addition, it gives a way forward for departments to collaborate within an organization by exchanging relevant data through one platform.

ERP vendors are strategizing ERP systems into specific modules (Meg Murray, George Coffin, 2001). These individual ERP modules are customized based on different operating industries and incorporate specific integrations according to the business needs.

Leading Companies Implementing ERP

  1. Amazon

A large organization handling millions of sales and customer interactions every day. Amazon has been using SAP since 2008 (ERP Research) SAP, leading ERP systems for complex operations (Navigator business solutions, 2022). Through SAP amazon has acquired to meet its objectives of satisfying its clients through effective order management, financial management, HR, purchasing, and overall inventory management.

  1. Apple

We all are familiar with how apple revolves around adapting innovative features to serve its client with up-to-date application functionality. SAP assists apple in updating and implementing advanced inventory management tools, in addition to utilizing SAP software for all their online cloud-based services, such as iTunes and app stores, it assists to regulate human resources and financial management within its organizational structure.

Through effective SAP implementation, Apple has been able to develop a strong yet trustworthy relationship with its customers.

Apple has set a partnership with SAP to develop native iOS apps for critical business operations (Apple, 2016).

  1. Zoom

One of the leading online platforms setting forth a collaborative working approach for people worldwide. How does zoom feature advanced customized integrations to keep up with the latest technology? Through ERP system, that regulates agility and business productivity generating higher customer satisfaction rate with greater return on investment.

Zoom has preferred Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (oracle, 2020), for its millions of users across the globe oracle features advanced cloud-based security with advanced adaptive features that enhances business growth through effective performance and reliability.

  1. Bosch

A German-based company, with years of leading industry experience in serving clients’ best home products, Bosch has incorporated Microsoft Azure with its power apps. Azure IoT generates secure communication between your Internet of Things (IoT) application and the devices (Azure) Through Microsoft, Bosch is effectively implementing the digital twin approach which in turn is improving sustainability through the most advanced ERP tools. It is generating $79 billion in revenue (infoclutch).

ERP Software Providers
ERP Users By Industry

Figure 1: Source

Significance of Implementing VAIL–ERP to Assist SMEs in Automating Inventory Management and Financial Forecasting

Velosi’s centralized VAIL -ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is capable of efficiently optimizing and automating business operations. Its progressive tools integrate automation in inventory management and financial forecasting through a centralized – cloud database within an organization.

VAIL-ERP Inventory Management System

VAIL-ERP features the most- up-to-date inventory management system equipped with innovative tools to serve your clients the best solution possible. Additionally, it optimizes stock levels and minimizes waste by enabling real-time visibility into inventory levels, automating purchasing and replenishment processes, and tracking product movements.

Figure 2: VAIL ERP Modules


  • A system for tracking and managing stock
  • Manage sales and purchase orders
  • Fulfilling orders through multiple channels
  • Managing storage facilities and transferring stock
  • User-friendly interfaces for payment gateways
  • A wide range of operational tools are integrated with eCommerce, accounting, shipping, and other business systems
  • Providing accurate intelligence reports and analytics
  • Greater Return On Investment (ROI)

VAIL-ERP Financial Forecasting System

Financial forecasting is an essential process within an organization. It is all about proficiently managing your business expenses and generating greater business productivity. VAIL-ERP assists organizations in keeping income and spending figures at their fingertips by executing and monitoring accurate expense and budgeting reports. It is capable of providing accurate and up-to-date data for making informed decisions. Additionally, forecasting sales, expense and revenue management, and tracking real-time budgeting through a centralized database.


  • Improves accuracy
  • Generates higher efficiency rate
  • Higher financial performance
  • Predict and analyze product demands
  • Monitor real-time cost trends impacting profit margins
  • Track accurate expense and budget reports
  • Automate and optimize finance business operations

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