ISO 55001 (Asset Management Systems)

The ISO 55001:2014 Asset Management System empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their resources.  This comprehensive framework goes beyond physical assets, encompassing financial resources and human capital as well.  By implementing ISO 55001:2014, companies gain a clearer picture of their entire asset portfolio, understanding not only what they own but also how best to utilize it.

 This newfound awareness fosters responsible use of resources, preventing overconsumption and unnecessary expenditures.  Furthermore, the standard guides organizations in setting realistic and cost-effective spending limits for acquiring and maintaining assets.  Ultimately, optimized asset management through ISO 55001:2014 translates to significant cost reductions and improved financial performance.

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Benefits of ISO 55001

Minimize the cost and increase business profit.
Management tool in decision making for continuous development.
Administration of company processes and assets.
Monitoring of what has been performed which helps for future action and improvement requirement.
Good tracking of asset acquisition to disposal
Create better management and team engagement.
Improved forecasting of overall expenditures.

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