Project Management

VAIL as part of ERP PM module deals with the issue right at the outset of the project, offering a powerful solution to help workflows by streamlining, boosting team performance, and keeping to budget and timely delivery of the project.

VAIL- ERP Project Management ensures utmost project visibility by combining all centralized data from the project into unified and single information platform. This helps to remove data silos and give you a closer look into the project timelines, tasks, resources, and budgets all at the click of a button. A joint strategic strategy and planning are the case for share database of the project plan and schedule which contributes to the smooth synchronization between related parties. With this mechanism in place, it becomes possible for the teams to quickly cope with changes and timely identify risks which in turn results in the efficiency and success of the projects. Furthermore, the development of reports with the historical record and monitoring in real-time gives us, respectively, the chance to timely detect deviations from deadlines or budgets. By that the course of correction is much faster and as a result projects continue to progress as planned.

VAI-Plant ERP leverages the workflow integration capabilities while at the same enhancing project and overall operation efficiency. Instead of repetitive tasks of assignments’ delegation, resource allocation, and project tracking, the automation of these would assist your team to put their all focus on value addition to the project and achieve project completion faster. VAIL-ERP in turn, enables identifying such resource bottlenecks and therefore developing business decisions aiming to secure the project success.

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Benefits of Project Management

Improved Client Satisfaction
Enhanced Risk Management
Increased Innovation and Agility
Improved Resource Utilization
Scalability and Growth
Standardized Project Management Practices
Improved Reporting and Visibility for Stakeholders

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