Workshop Facilitation Solutions

Workshop Facilitation Solutions
Workshop Facilitation Solutions

Workshop Facilitation is the method of providing objective, unobtrusive guidance to a group of for collaboratively progressing towards a common goal. It is usually conducted to communicate and instruct different project teams on the specific project and industry issues and to cultivate a cooperative culture within the teams.

During workshop facilitation, the role of the facilitator is to plan and lead activities and instruction for helping the group do their best, thinking and working together. Facilitation allows each and every participant to contribute equally and fully, enabling a shared, collective outcome that the group have already defined.

At Velosi, our Health, Safety and Environmental experts are committed to providing ample support to our clients in developing their projects through informative and productive workshops, helping them connect and engage with diverse groups to work towards a common objective.

Velosi’s Common Workshop Facilitation Goals include:

Equal and Full Participation

The duty of workshop facilitator is to make each participant feel comfortable, ensuring that they contribute their best. This means building opportunities and platforms for contributors for generating their own ideas, speaking up about their thoughts, and openly discussing their perspectives.

Mutual Understanding

It is also the facilitator’s duty to ensure that each participant comprehends the objective of the workshop and understand other participants fully by establishing a shared common language among the group.

Collaborative and Inclusive Decision Making

The output of workshop facilitation, including both tangible (to-do lists and action items) and intangible (shared language and ideas), is only useful if every participant is able to approve it through the participatory-decision making process.

Shared and Collective Responsibility

Facilitators enable the workshop group to identify who is responsible for what upon leaving the workshop, in a manner that is fair and actionable. Our objective, through conversation or activities, is for each participant to have a clear idea of the next steps they need to take. This collective ownership is a crucial element of successful workshops.

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