VAIL-ORP Software - Online Reporting Portal

VAIL-ORP Software: Online Reporting Portal is a web-based application which enables our clients to issue inspection/service reports after the completion of a particular assessment by technical team.

In asset integrity management, the key element to ensure that the process is streamlined, visible and under control is the implementation of a comprehensive quality management system certification.

A solid management system can help improve client efficiency and productivity to a great extent. One of the added advantages of quality management system certification is the enrichment of customers’ confidence, resulting in the enhanced market share.

The application allows its users to view their inspection/service reports and conveniently download them whenever required. However, in order to get those reports, users need to have the specific authorization i.e. preparatory, reviewer, approver and issuer.

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Benefits of VAIL-ORP

Accessible to individuals as well as organizations.
Saves time, streamlines processes and operates in a more sustainable way.

VAIL-ORP Deliverables

Product Certification
Management-System Certification
Personnel Certification

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