RBI Technical Training

Technical Training will help to understand the use of RBI technology for equipment and piping, train attendees to attain necessary skills for implementing RBI in accordance with API 581 and API 580, and the reasons for implementing RBI. This will also cover the benefits and practical application of RBI and planning successful RBI projects.

The course will enable learning the practical likelihood and consequence analysis, inspection plan preparation and optimizing maintenance and inspection intervals, implementing risk mitigation actions and overview of related API documents like API 510, 570, 571 & 653.

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Technical Trainings

Benefits of RBI Technical Training

Equip necessary skills to conduct RBI studies.
Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Targeted inspection plans for cost-effective asset maintenance.
Informed decision-making based on comprehensive risk assessment.
Facilitating better coordination and alignment among stakeholders.
Encouraging adaptability to changing operational conditions and threats.
Enhancing asset reliability through proactive risk mitigation.
Demonstrating commitment to safety and reliability.

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