VAIL Plant Module - Lifting Equipment Management System (LEMS)

VAIL-Plant LEMS module is management system software developed to inspect the status of Lifting Equipment e.g. Crane, Clamps, Forklifts, Hoists etc. in Oil and Gas Industry. Based on industry standard API 2C, this module provides a lifting gear inspection checklist thus making it easier for the operator to carry out lifting equipment testing.

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VAIL - Plant LEMS Module encompasses the following features

Organization of a systematic hierarchy using two approaches – Plant wise as well as Discipline wise.
Maintenance of reliability model to estimate the failure frequency and trends of lifting equipment.
Assessment of equipment operator historical data/Generic reliability data.
Operator Historical Data vs Generic Reliability Data comparison.
Generation of PMR (Preventive Maintenance Routines).
Production of maintenance & inspection recommendations to reduce the possibility of occurrence.
Comprehensive checklists for most types of lifting equipment to facilitate Inspections.
History Maintenance & calculation of MTBF and MTTR based on failures & replacements.
Drawings Management.
Graphical Trends.
Effective Reporting.
Custom Query.

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