Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification is a method of analyzing and classifying the environment where explosive gas atmospheres may occur. The main purpose of this classification is to facilitate the proper selection and installation of the apparatus to be used safely in that environment, taking into account the properties of the flammable materials that will be present.

When electrical equipment is used in, around, or near an environment that has flammable liquids, flammable gases or vapours, ignitable fibers or flyings, combustible dust, there is always a likelihood or risk that an explosion or fire could occur.

Those areas where the likelihood or risk of explosion or fire might happen because of an explosive atmosphere and/or mixture is often known as a hazardous (or classified) location/area.

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Hazardous Area

System Classification of Hazardous Areas

Class/Division System

Hazardous areas per the Class/Division system are categorized according to the Class, Division, and Group.

Zone System

Hazardous areas per the Zone system are categorized according to its Zone that can be gas or dust. Zone system can be sub-categorized into gas/vapors/mists and dust. For gas/dust atmospheres, the system can further be divided into groups and subgroups.


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