Pressurized Equipment Management System (PEMS)

Pressurized Equipment Management System (PEMS) is one of the key focuses of Asset Integrity Management that complies with the regulatory requirements for pressure equipment, tank and piping inspections.

PEMS contains a comprehensive database for piping and pressurized equipment, such as vessels, tanks, heat exchangers and more. It covers the complete risk assessment process, and facilitates inspection planning to estimate the remaining life of an asset and the next inspection date.

Our professional team adopts all the best practices in the industry in order to ensure the success of your projects by identifying and reducing the likelihood of hazards and reducing the amount of time required for shutdowns.

PEMS Features

Engineering data capturing along with hierarchy management drawings, isometrics, PFDs (Process Flow Diagram) and P and ID's (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram)
Semi-quantitative RBI methodology for risk evaluation and inspection planning against identified damage mechanisms in compliance with API ST. 580
Inspection history recording with respect to multiple positions and TML's (Thickness Management Locations)
Estimated corrosion rate models based on API 581
Failure and replacement history recording
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) identification and calculation/evaluation
Short term/long term corrosion rate and remnant life calculation
Trends and console reporting
Plant Inspection Requirements (PIR) generation
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) against failures
Data importing from excel workspace template

PEMS Deliverables

Semi Quantitative/Quantitative RBI
RLA, Metal Loss, Corrosion Rate (Estimated, measure, Design)
Asset Passport
Inspection History Recording
Inspection Planning
• Trends (Anomalies, Defects, Leaks, Replacement, Remaining life)

PEMS Software

Prioritize, Redefine Asset Integrity with our extensive VAIL- PLANT® Modules

PEMS Module:  A robust system designed for integrity management of pressurized equipment, such as vessels, tanks, heat exchangers etc.

VAIL-Plant® PEMS module covers complete Risk Assessment Process and Facilitates Inspection Planning to predict the asset remaining life and next inspection date.

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