Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan (IHMP)

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan, also called Exposure Monitoring Plan, is a method of assessing and documenting employee potential exposures to chemical, biological and physical hazards. It enables safety professionals to scientifically quantify worker exposures at the workplace, and develop corrective measures to control health hazards by reducing or eliminating the exposure.

Velosi’s occupational health risk assessment experts can quantify the exposures, utilizing all of our engineering as well as administrative controls, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on the actual exposure levels, to control and eliminate the hazards and to prevent injuries and illnesses.

We serve organizations involved in the oil and gas, maritime and construction industries, among many others, that tend to expose their employees to hazards due to the peculiar nature of the job. Velosi provides them with an effective Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan that serves to analyze, quantify, and set up workplace hazards effectively.

Importance of our Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan

Industrial hygiene involves the development of corrective measures to control health hazards by either lowering or eradicating the exposure completely. Four major aspects of our Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan to prevent occupational injuries and illness comprise:

Anticipating Hazards

Anticipating workplace health hazards before they happen enables organizations an efficient use of resources by diminishing costly renovations and retrofits required to protect the health of employees.

Recognizing Hazards

Once the hazard is recognized, our industrial hygiene specialists can identify a set of measures required for the right evaluation of the hazard.

Evaluating Hazards

Since it is impossible to control unrecognized hazards, evaluating hazards is crucial.

Controlling Hazards

Our industrial hygienists work with other subject matter experts to implement and monitor controls that can reduce exposure to acceptable limits, making the Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan indispensable.

Benefits of our Effective Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Plan

Serves to recognize, assess and quantify hazard exposures.
Enables organizations to prioritize the workplace hazards for assigning resources towards the control or eradication of the hazards.
Prevents injuries and illnesses from recurring accurately.


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