Design Verification & Appraisal

Velosi offers independent third-party services in design appraisal and design verifcation to streamline the design and construction process by reviewing design and drawings in accordance with all the widely accepted operational, safety, environmental and industry standards. We also ensure that the design review and verification are conducted in line with the international codes, statutory regulations and client specifications

The whole process of design verification and appraisal is crucial in identifying and resolving design discrepancies ahead of procurement and fabrication. At Velosi, it is always performed as specified by the popular global standards such as ASME, API, ACI, ASCE, BS, and TEMA, among other industry measures.


Benefits of Design Verification and Appraisal

Independent, transparent and methodical.
Ensures conformance of new equipment to stated design goals, current standards and legislation on Health, Safety and Environment.
Identifies and resolves design discrepancies ahead of procurement and fabrication.


Case Studies