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VAIL-MTS: A Material Tracking System is defined as a software solution designed to audit the progress of material requests, from issuing the initial documents like plant maintenance (PM) orders and transport requisitions to the reception of materials. Using MTS is useful while dealing with multiple plants where precise reporting is needed across the entire supply chain. It is also a centralized system to manage stock of materials and to simplify the movement of inventory as well as material tracking.

Nowadays many companies face challenges with tracking and monitoring materials movement across storage facilities, construction sites and reduction facilities. To deal with a large number of materials distributed across multiple warehouses within the organization – minimizing human errors and accelerating the operations of handling – an effective material tracking system is inevitable. Using appropriate technology can significantly increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the materials logistics process.

The VAIL-MTS is a fully-functional software which is particularly developed as part of the asset tagging, tracking and verification purposes to help users effectively track, distribute, and maintain their assets. This easy-to-use software facilitates tracking the location of all the rental and owned equipment, drawing periodic reports and configuring alarms based on predetermined critical stock values.

VAIL-MTS can organize and track materials in different disciplines used in the oil and gas industry.

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Benefits of VAIL-MTS

Offers role-based security.
Allows auto-detection of items requiring reordering.
Supports for logging counted quantity of each item and comparing with the quantity specified in the software.
Offers document management, reporting and integration with third-party software tools like MAXIMO, Oracle, SAP and others.
Implements and facilitates the tracking of materials throughout the fundamental inventory management life cycle.

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