Workplace Exposure Monitoring Solutions

Workplace Exposure Monitoring is a process to determine the levels of substances in the workplace to ensure the workplace exposure limits value is not exceeded for the substances used at that particular workplace.

Being one of the leading providers of occupational hygiene consulting services in the MENA region, Velosi offers exceptional Workplace Exposure Monitoring services that enclose observing processes, asking relevant questions and overseeing the use of sampling equipment fitted to the workers throughout their working shift.

Our risk assessment professionals are highly skilled, experienced, and capable of providing best-in-class technical services related to workplace health risks. We provide a detailed report on work practices and findings along with recommendations for remedial action.

At Velosi, we design, carry out and manage site-specific Workplace Exposure Monitoring services tailored for organizations involved in the oil and gas industry. We use and maintain a broad spectrum of advanced equipment and sampling technology to evaluate exposure risks accurately.

Workplace Exposure Monitoring Solutions

Our Workplace Exposure Monitoring services include but not limited to

Monitoring of chemical stressors like gases, dust, mists, vapours, fumes, etc.
Evaluation of chemical hazards
Analysis of indoor air quality (IAQ) and mould/bacteria hazards
Sick building and indoor building health ratings
Human health risk appraisal and toxicology guidance
Technical reviews and hazardous substances audits
Radiation safety surveys, audits and technical guidance
Custom-tailored occupational hygiene awareness training programs
Hazardous substances and chemical safety management strategy


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