Asset Life Extension Studies

Asset life extension studies are critical for demonstrating that assets can continue operating beyond their original design life without posing unacceptable risks. Velosi Integrity Services utilizes a meticulous methodology, assessing asset condition, operational history, and deterioration mechanisms to gauge suitability for extended operation.

Assets are categorized based on concern levels, with costs calculated for anticipated changes needed to maintain integrity over extended periods. Velosi ensures alignment with international standards and best practices. Ageing in process plants is about asset condition over time, emphasizing proactive maintenance. Guidance on asset care is provided to operating company personnel through various means, ensuring effective management practices are in place.

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An Introduction to Asset Integrity Life Cycle


Optimized Asset Utilization
Cost Savings
Compliance with Regulatory Standards
Improved Decision-Making
Sustainability and Environmental Benefits
Knowledge Transfer and Training
Long-Term Planning and Asset Management
Enhanced Safety and Reliability


Asset Life Extension Report
Remaining Useful Life Assessment
Inspection and Monitoring Plan
Maintenance and Repair Recommendations
Risk Assessment
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Decision Support Tools

Case Studies