Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Condition-based monitoring is a type of predictive maintenance that involves the use of sensors to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation. The data that is collected is used to establish trends, predict failure, and calculate the remaining life of an asset. Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) maintenance is only performed when the data shows that the required performance is decreasing.

Through continuous assessment of the assets the Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) solution makes it possible to detect potential problems of the assets at an early stage.

Although, the tool that is used can be expensive to install, and it may be difficult to monitor assets in harsher environments; CBM has the advantage of working while the equipment is in service and does not pose interruption to equipment operation.

Vibration Monitoring as part of CBM

CBM Benefits

Increased uptime/reduced downtime
Reduction in/elimination of unplanned failures
Decreased maintenance costs
Increased asset life
Reduction in collateral asset damages
Greater ease in prioritization and planning of work orders
Increased efficiency in maintenance practices and management

CBM Deliverables

Anomaly Reports
Marked up drawings with Excitation Sources
Measurement Location for Excitation

Case Studies