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Feedback Systems – VAIL-Feedback Software: The term ‘feedback’ is defined as some sort of helpful information or constructive criticism about a product, an individual’s performance of a task or an individual’s action or behavior.

Feedback usually happens when a situation reacts to a particular action or behavior. For instance, ‘customer feedback’ is the reaction of buyers to an organization’s products, services, or policies. At the same time, ’employee performance feedback’ refers to the reaction of employees to feedback from their immediate boss or manager, including both performance exhibited and performance expected information.

Getting proper feedback is the only way to evaluate customer expectations and their specific needs. Feedback helps you improve the product experience and manage customer experience effectively. Feedback is vital to any business as when customer expectations grow, businesses excel in that specific customer experience realm.

VAIL – Feedback is an omnichannel Customer Feedback software designed by Velosi Asset Integrity Ltd (VAIL). It encompasses a platform for cross-channel feedback management and versatile survey solutions to collect and analyze website as well as mobile feedback in real-time.

Our feedback software comes with an abundance of features to adequately accumulate reviews, opinions or any data that is vital to the smooth operation of a business. VAIL – Feedback allows you to build stronger relationships with your guests and customers while providing you with utmost flexibility on when and how to compile feedback.

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What are the 4 Major Aspects of VAIL – Feedback?

Campaign Management

You can design and send different campaigns of the same feedback form and survey to your customers.

Contact Management

It allows you to upload contacts and save as lists, besides enabling you to view respondents and unsubscribes.

Custom Variables

With VAIL- Feedback software, it is now easy to send surveys with custom variables such as names, phones, unique IDs, etc., secretly.

Respondent Tracking

You can easily track email and SMS deliveries, response rate, survey open rate, and much more with our customer feedback software.

Benefits of VAIL - Feedback

Easy to set up and use.
Collects feedback from customers and employees.
Offers instant alerts and real-time, customized reports.
Assess location-based cumulative and comparative reports.
Easily analyzes customer feedback response rate.
Helps identify the needs and dissatisfaction of customers.
Evaluates customer loyalty, satisfaction and effort perfectly.
Helps improve the productivity of employees.

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