The Complete Guide to the Benefits of CMMS

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The Complete Guide to the Benefits of CMMS

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of a Computerized Maintenance Management System – (CMMS) and how it acts as a software solution for asset management and maintenance that benefits all the leading industries. Let’s take a deeper look into how CMMS can transform your maintenance operations as part of your enterprise asset management (EAM) strategy.

Here are seven questions you can ask yourself when considering whether a CMMS is a right fit for your maintenance operations.

What insights would you gain from historical maintenance data?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System – CMMS can store all the information associated with assets. The system can store information such as details of the equipment purchased, maintenance schedule, the frequency of breakdowns, the chunks used, and the efficiency of the equipment. Most importantly, the process allows you to make better decisions about each asset – rather than searching through filing cabinets looking for old documentation or making sense of taken notes.

What are the potential returns of extending the life of your assets?

A piece of equipment running without significant repairs will be cost and time efficient. With data-driven preventive maintenance, your organization can take control of its maintenance schedule. Without a doubt, maintaining a CMMS reduces reactive situations and major breakdowns due to maintenance alerts.

To what extent the right part on hand for repairing be cost-effective?

To effectively plan inventory, shifting from a reactive maintenance model to a proactive one is necessary. The cost of rushing-ordering parts for a specialized piece of equipment quickly escalates, and unneeded inventory becomes chaotic. An efficient CMMS can instantly view your inventory levels at any time.

CMMS Cost Reduction

Figure 1 CMMS is cost-effective

Do you have overworked or overtime-clocking employees at your organization?

Your workers will be less likely to encounter unpleasant situations with improved maintenance operations. Similarly, we have to eliminate the approach of calling in workers at odd hours. We will implement this approach to fix common mechanical errors. You can keep on top of repairs by giving your technical team visibility into their workload daily. Supervisors can quickly rebalance to not lose any sleep over repairs and excel substantially. In addition, their administration workload will also be significantly reduced, enabling them to focus more on their primary duties and responsibilities.

Are there specific maintenance standards that apply to your industry to follow?

Standards at the workplace are always set to be followed according to specific requirements. Conducting audits is as fun as getting on a thrilling ride but can create a random negative effect. Therefore, you must be ready. CMMS systems will eliminate the need to spend hours digging through paperwork and spreadsheets. Alternatively, CMMS can generate a simple report with all the answers and data you need to conduct your audit successfully.

Does your organization have difficulties with transferring knowledge?

Today, with the progression of time, every working structure is becoming more intense and complex, requiring more knowledge and skills. For instance, how do you ensure that new employees are given the correct information and context to take over with the least amount of previous productivity loss? A well-informed CMMS system provides a structure for ensuring consistency over time during maintenance tasks, no matter who is performing them. Several different entities, such as videos, photos, and guides, can be added to execute tasks appropriately assigned.

Could your organization increase productivity by smoothly running the work order process?

CMMS can extensively execute simple work orders. The system allows you to create trackable work orders rather than an unorganized, time-wasting process for your staff and you. One of the main advantages of CMMS is that all users can access it via any device. With an efficient system, the risk of losing paperwork is eliminated. Above all, Integrating asset information, work orders, and historical data into one system increases productivity, extends asset life, and improves bottom lines. It is also possible to track WIP (work in progress) and completed tasks in real-time by enabling field service resources to have mobile capabilities.

Velosi’s Computerized Maintenance Management System module – VAIL can extensively address the complete life cycle of any technical object, starting from notification and work order processing until complete clearance of inspection maintenance. VAIL- maintenance management system makes it easier for operators to create and track work activities, parts usage, and asset life cycle and efficiently address their strategic goals.

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