Revolutionize Your Asset with Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin and How Does it Work?

Nowadays, we all know how technology is taking the lead in every field. People are getting used to the automation process. Most importantly, we have started to trust automation! As it is sustainable in every other aspect, saves time and cost in terms of enhancing productivity.

Getting through general terms for understanding the digital twin concept, let us discuss this a little further.  A digital twin is said to be a virtual representation of any physical asset, system, or process. It is essentially a digital copy of the real-world counterpart.

It can be defined as a complex simulation of an entity or process that is created and run using software tools and data collected from technical counterparts. The utmost goal of a digital twin is to provide predictive maintenance and optimization for physical assets and processes by duplicating their behavior in real-time using data from sources.

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How can Digital Twin be used to Improve Asset Performance?

Your asset is important! Digitalization is taking over through vast technological aspects that can intensify asset performance, which is highly recommended for greater business productivity.

The digital twin is said to be an integral part of an Asset Performance Management System (APMS) and it can be used to analyze, forecast, and optimize the performance of assets. It enables access through automation via computer systems, making the process cost-effective and scalable in nature.

Concerning digitalization, Velosi’s Asset Performance Management System (APMS) helps businesses increase the safety and plant performance of their operations, enabling employees to make informed decisions, which leads to improved business outcomes.

Asset Performance Management System

Benefits of Using Digital Twin for Your Business

Optimizing assets for good is what every business is aiming for these days. Through the digital twin concept, an accurate and detailed model is used to simulate the behavior of any physical system in different conditions.

A digital twin is used for many purposes, such as:

  • Designing new products
  • Optimizing existing processes
  • Ensuring asset performance
  • Identifying risks and opportunities

Your Business with Digital Twin

This emerging technology is becoming more and more popular in recent years because it has many benefits for businesses. Allows companies to save time and money by utilizing the data from their products, processes, or services. Also helping companies improve customer experience by providing an interactive representation of the product, process, or service.

The Future of Digital Twin in Asset Management

A technology that is being used to manage assets in the future. They are digital representations of physical objects or places. This advanced technology with the internet of things is making it easier to understand how an asset changes over time and how it can be optimized accordingly.

Velosi set front goals and offers productive solutions to manage your assets with our extensive VAIL-PLANT (Asset Integrity Management system) services.

Velosi’s services will contribute to a digital twin, which will provide customers with access to our services and productive results. In conjunction with advanced analytical tools and machine learning, the digital twin will provide a platform that will change the way we analyze the condition and performance of assets making the path for advanced digitalization in the future to proficiently manage the assets.

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