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    This course focuses on teaching individuals how to effectively use Microsoft Project, a project management software developed by Microsoft. The training is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills in planning, tracking, and controlling projects of various sizes and complexities.

    Microsoft Project allows users to create project plans, define tasks and milestones, assign resources, set task dependencies, and track project progress. The software provides a visual representation of the project through Gantt charts, which display the project timeline, task durations, and dependencies.

  • By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Gain a thorough understanding of the Microsoft Project interface, terminology, and core features.
    • Learn how to navigate the software, access different views, and use the various menus and commands.
    • Learn how to create a project plan from scratch using Microsoft Project.
    • Understand how to define project tasks, set task durations, establish task dependencies, and create a work breakdown structure.
    • Gain proficiency in creating and managing project schedules.
    • Learn how to effectively manage project resources in Microsoft Project.
    • Understand how to add and assign resources to tasks, allocate resources based on availability and workload, and track resource utilization and costs.
    • Develop the skills to track task progress and update project schedules accordingly.
    • Learn how to capture actual task durations, mark task completion, and analyze project progress using various tracking and reporting features.
    • Gain proficiency in using custom fields, formulas, and filters to customize project views and reports.
    • Learn how to manage multiple projects, integrate data from other software, and leverage automation and collaboration tools.
    • Develop the ability to generate and customize project reports, charts, and visualizations in Microsoft Project.
    • Learn how to communicate project status, analyze project data, and present information effectively to stakeholders.
  • Training will be conducted via Microsoft Team Meeting. Meeting invites will be shared on the day before the first day of training.

    • 2 Days
    • Presentation Slides
    • Training Recordings
    • Study References
  • Upon successful completion of training, participants will receive a “Microsoft Project Course Completion” certificate.

  • This course is appropriate for a wide range of professionals but not limited to:

    • Project Managers.
    • Project Team Members.
    • Project Coordinators and Administrators
    • Business Analysts
    • Team Leads and Supervisors
    • Professionals Transitioning to Project Management Roles
  • Participants can avail a discount of either an early bird or group discount whichever is higher with an additional discount when signing up for 2 or more courses.

    Group Discount (same company only)

    • 15% Discount for groups of 5 or more
    • 10% Discount for groups of 3-4

    Bundle Discount

    • Sign up for 2 courses and get an extra 10% off
    • Sign up for 3 courses and get an extra 15% off
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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Microsoft Project

    • Overview of project management and the role of Microsoft Project
    • Understanding the Microsoft Project interface and terminology
    • Navigating the software and accessing different views
  • Project Setup and Planning

    • Creating a new project file and setting project properties
    • Defining project tasks, milestones, and deliverables
    • Establishing task dependencies and relationships
    • Creating a work breakdown structure (WBS)
    • Setting task durations, constraints, and deadlines
  • Resource Management

    • Adding and defining resources (people, equipment, materials)
    • Assigning resources to tasks
    • Tracking resource availability and workload
    • Managing resource assignments and allocations
    • Optimizing resource utilization and leveling
  • Project Scheduling and Timeline Management

    • Creating and managing project calendars
    • Establishing task priorities and constraints
    • Fine-tuning the project schedule
    • Using scheduling techniques (critical path, slack)
    • Performing schedule analysis and optimization
  • Task Tracking and Progress Monitoring

    • Updating task progress and completion status
    • Recording actual task durations and effort
    • Tracking and managing task dependencies and changes
    • Analyzing project progress and identifying issues
    • Incorporating change management and scope control
  • Reporting and Communication

    • Generating project reports, charts, and dashboards
    • Customizing reports and views to meet specific needs
    • Communicating project status and progress to stakeholders
    • Sharing project information and collaborating with team members
    • Using Microsoft Project with other Office applications (e.g., Excel, SharePoint)
  • Advanced Features and Customization (optional)

    • Customizing project views, tables, and fields
    • Creating custom formulas and calculations
    • Managing multiple projects and cross-project dependencies
    • Using macros and automation to streamline tasks
    • Integrating Microsoft Project with other systems and tools