Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

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  • Velosi is conducting ABIH Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Exam Preparation Training online.

    The Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) credential is the world's most prestigious occupational health and safety qualification. It is also regarded as the most prestigious accreditation for consultants who work in the field of indoor air quality. An Industrial Hygienist can evaluate health risks, test the environment for such hazards, determine if there is a risk to human health in each circumstance, and offer controls or measures of protection from the recognized health hazard based on their education and expertise. Industrial hygienists can also help develop worker safety plans, conduct audits, and educate and train management and employees.

    Velosi has a “learn to ace” approach, our team comprises professional and expert trainers who ensure to enhance your ability and skills through grasping knowledge about the specified course effectively. This enriching course aims to learn how to anticipate and evaluate dangers and how to calculate exposures to specific hazards and the mitigation actions required to reduce hazards accordingly. Our expert trainers will enlighten participants towards understanding the principles and concepts of Industrial Hygiene specifically. Industrial Hygienists are specialized professionals who work in the industry.

  • By completing this course, participants will be able to:

    • Effectively prepare for CIH Examination.
    • Keenly visualize and understand the importance of Industrial Hygiene.
    • Have a holistic approach to identifying different hygiene measures.
    • Learn to easily differentiate between different types primarily including chemical, physical, ergonomic, and biological industrial hazards.
    • Learn how to equip and integrate to perform an industrial hygiene analysis with hazard evaluation techniques.
    • Learn the key points of essential monitoring equipment usage.
    • Learn basic insights on basic anatomy and physiology associated with routes of entry and toxicology.
    • Learn the importance of emerging trends in combustible dust, flavorings related to lung disease, bioterrorism, and pandemic influenza.
    • Learn and describe basics of occupational exposure limits
    • Learn and describe elements of biosafety.
  • Training will be conducted via Microsoft Team Meeting. Meeting invites will be shared on the day before the first day of training.

  • 40 Hours (20days 2hours everyday Except Fridays and Saturdays)

    • Presentation Slides
    • Training Recordings
    • Study References
  • Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of training.

  • This course is appropriate for a wide range of professionals but not limited to:

    • Individuals who have an undergraduate or graduate background in the field of Physical science, engineering, environmental health, or any other safety programs.
    • Individuals who have 2 to 4 years of professional experience in health and safety are a must for CIH.
    • Individuals who wish to explore and enhance their career opportunities as a certified industrial hygienist.
  • Education




    4 years of bachelor’s degree from regionally accredited college or university

    In the field of biology, chemistry, or engineering with at least 60 semester hours with science, math, or engineering

    Industrial Hygiene certification

    180 Academic hours and 2 hours of ethics training\coursework

    The contact hours must have half of the hours in Fundamentals of IH, Toxicology, and control, measurements

    Professional Level  Industrial Hygiene experience

    4 Years of IH Practice and broad scope of 2 occupational health stressors

    1 year or 6 months of credit available by ABET-accredited IH program with a masters\bachelor’s degree

    Professional Reference

    Verification of your current level of IH work.

    Current supervisor to verify your current level of work and other supervisors verifying work experience periods and One CIH who is familiar with your work experience.

  • Critically examine certain requirements for your selected program before applying for the CIH certification to guarantee that you have met the guidelines. The following link will guide you further,



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Course Outline

    • Introduction
    • Basic Science
    • Analytical Chemistry
    • Toxicology
    • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
    • Work Environments & Industrial Processes
    • Community Exposure
    • Health Risk Analysis
    • Biohazards
    • Air Sampling and Instrumentation
    • Noise
    • Nonionizing Radiation
    • Ionizing Radiation
    • Thermal Stressors
    • Ergonomics
    • Ventilation / Engineering Controls
    • Non-engineering Controls
    • Basic IH Program Management