Natural Resource Management & Control to Accomplish Sustainability In The Oil & Gas Industry

How Can We Manage Natural Resources?

Natural Resource Management involves the sustainable utilization of major natural resources to provide an enhanced qualitative human life.  As we all are familiar with how natural resources are finite, thus they must be used in the most effective way by implementing best practices.

Sustainable strategies are the most-effective solution. Proper management and control of natural resources not only benefit future organizational network but is also responsible for environmental protection, thus to support sustainability, environmental protection is important by all means. Environmental protection can be regulated by efficiently utilizing natural resources minimizing waste and maximizing optimized production.

Importance of Natural Resources in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas is a crucial industry, mainly responsible for the production and management of different types of resources through various assets. The processes taking place within, lead to the depletion of natural resources for the future, imposing a threat to leading organizations. As the digital world is advancing, it has set forth several advanced management systems to optimize different processes running in the oil and gas industry, hence, safeguarding the natural resources involved.

Moreover, hydrocarbons are vital natural resources reliable for consuming energy and are responsible for 90 % of the energy supply and functioning in the digital world. Despite being readily available, they are finite due to which they must be wisely utilized.

Effective natural resource management aims to regulate biodiversity and protect the environment for humans. In addition, leading organizations and individuals can contribute to efficient resource management by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint at their end.  This in turn provides sustainable measures to ensure a liable utilization of hydrocarbons in the oil and gas industry.

Natural Resource Control and Sustainability

How does Natural Resource Management and Control Support Sustainability?

Several elements constitute to ensure sustainability with the proper functioning of ecosystems and to maintain environmental well-being. From this perspective, organizations that are implementing eco-friendly technologies tend to be well performing in terms of the environment, have improved environmental health, and maintain the reliability of ecosystems.

We have discussed how the oil and gas industry is one of the most predominant in the modern world and natural resource management and control is a critical component.

Sustainable utilization of natural resources contributes to the following:

  • Reduced waste
  • Optimized production
  • Responsible resource management
  • Minimized industrial ecological impact
  • Accomplish sustainable development goals

To achieve sustainability, organizations in the oil and gas industry must comply with set regulations and standards and have the competency to adapt innovative technological methods for optimized production.

Some important innovative techniques that can regulate sustainability in the oil and gas industry are mentioned below:

  • Implementation of Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Conservation through reducing consumption
  • Eliminating burning off excess gas
  • Investing in renewable energy sources

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