Top 5 Sectors Benefiting from Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software

A Maintenance tracking software has taken the world of business by storm.

MarketWatch reports that throughout the next five years, the CMMS market will register a 9.8% compound annual growth rate revenue-wise, and its size will reach $1260 million by 2024, from $720 million in 2019.

Through CMMS software, maintenance companies have the best resources available for effectively handling maintenance requirements, monitoring and optimizing the performance of technical teams, and reporting on completed work. The below-mentioned industries are no exception, especially when a fully performing computerized maintenance management system offers countless benefits that boost business productivity.


Using the right tools makes all the difference in managing the energy industry. Since 1990, the global demand for primary energy has increased by 50%. By 2035, the demand for energy is expected to be much higher. Each commodity we use requires energy – from cars to food, houses, computers, etc. Hence setting up preventive maintenance in the energy sector is most critical to ensure that the consumers needs are met.

With the best CMMS software, the energy sector can have all their data stored in a central location and maximize the life of an asset by inspecting and performing the routine maintenance at the right time. The sector professionals can organize work orders, check the availability of spare parts, perform maintenance functions, and pinpoint common issues, prompting them to fix problems before they even occur.


No industry has a bigger impact on the world than the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry must ensure that their assets are as efficient and sustainable to be as profitable as possible. Therefore it is most essential to invest in a CMMS solution in Oil and Gas companies.

CMMS software systems provide preventative maintenance functions, less paperwork, real-time information, improved scheduling & planning, optimized inventory spare parts levels, reduced costs, and regulatory compliance to overcome the common issues faced by plant operators in a refinery.

Users can get detailed visual reports regarding asset uptime as well as work order history, which are sorted by tech, asset, or location. They can also monitor the health of assets throughout time by asking technicians to add readings to work orders. Full views of an asset life cycle are also available along with repair costs and time spent on each asset. Besides these, setting up automated workflows is also possible so that when they endorse and create a work order, it’s automatically assigned to the right technician.


From scheduling preventive maintenance to pinpointing trends in breakdowns to cutting down unplanned downtime and saving expenses, keeping everything up and running is a gigantic task. With a reliable CMMS, however, this piece of work is made much easier.

The Statista Research Department published research which found that the top advantage of incorporating a CMMS is overall efficiency. This is followed by overall equipment effectiveness and downtime reduction.

Whether you’re in charge of molding machines, panel benders, incinerators, or forklifts a CMMS helps you schedule preventive maintenance tasks and monitor maintenance time, parts expenses, and asset downtime. It can also assist in managing vehicular fleets by letting operators key in mileage and submit maintenance requests. It also takes care of facilities by monitoring inventory and allowing users to create recurring work for safety walkthroughs, light inspections, and floor cleaning. Inventory tracking is also more streamlined.


The terrain for most businesses today is a tough and competitive one. Running a building is no easy task. There’s a myriad of a minute to large responsibilities that need to be accomplished on a regular basis to keep building arrangements, equipment, and machinery operating.

Synchronizing all these tasks in an efficient manner demands a solution that puts your entire maintenance staff on the same page. A maintenance tracking software streamlines work orders and make oversimplified maintenance a reality that even employees who aren’t tech-savvy can be comfortable with its easy-to-grasp interface. Meanwhile, experienced maintenance managers can tap into the power of the best maintenance software to perform compound analysis and run comprehensive reports.

If you happen to manage multiple buildings, residential properties, or plants, a CMMS is vital in helping you operate your diverse facilities from a single window. As soon as work orders are keyed in the system, a maintenance manager can conveniently approve and delegate common work orders by batch and location. Work orders are also updated in real-time. It also allows users to monitor the metric that affects the bottom-line, resulting in increased equipment uptime and higher revenue per day.


Companies in the food and beverage industry, have the challenge to maintain hygiene and safety regulations along with managing and maintaining complex equipment in order to remain in business. Investing in computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) can be a beneficial choice for such industries.

With CMMS software, the managers can efficiently manage their assets, perform labor cost analysis, track regulatory compliance, and inventory. The best maintenance software should have the feature where all essential documents can be instantly imported into one database, as departments can automatically access the necessary files and reports including maintenance, development, financing, and acquisition.

Predictive maintenance ensures that proper health and safety regulations are met so that equipment operates smoothly and is dealt with any malfunction before it can even occur.

Gaining ground

Beyond enhanced productivity, organizations have understood that excellent maintenance practices are not an option but a requirement in today’s competitive environment. With its many useful features, it’s no wonder that a lot of sectors have taken advantage of acquiring one.

Advantages of VAIL-CMMS technology

Velosi”s software VAIL-CMMS is designed to automate the maintenance activities for smart and effective operations. Our in-house developed software is a powerful tool that caters to the need for a CMMS solution of various industries including Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Facilities, Field services, Linear Assets, and more, helping them significantly improve the asset reliability and operational efficiency across these sectors. VAIL-CMMS can assist the service operation and maintenance staff to be more productive by providing real-time information and equipment status.

VAIL-CMMS offers the following features to its users:

  • Generates and prioritizes work orders.
  • Monitor the real-time status of equipment or assets.
  • Plan, manage, schedule maintenance and approve work orders.
  • Keep a track of all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.
  • Improved planning and scheduling.
  • Maintains past historical records of all work orders that have been issued.
  • Produce real-time records of current job activities.
  • Tracks resource, budget, and labor costs for every component.
  • Facilitates inventory control with an integrated range of capabilities.
  • An effective and affordable application that facilitates the efficient use of resources.

If you are looking to implement a tool for your business, various options are available in the market today. To start, you can check out this review page of VAIL-Plant, a robust asset integrity management software built for businesses in the gas and oil, power and petrochemical industries.

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