Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study for Das Island Project (GTG)

  • Das Island Project (GTG)
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Middle East
Das Island Project (GTG)
CCC assigned Velosi to perform Risk Based Inspection Study for the NASR Full Field Development Project Package 3 as part of “Das Island Project (GTG)”.


The scope of this study is to conduct a complete Risk Based Inspection Study for the NASR Full Field Development Project Package 3.

  • Closed Drain Drum: 1
  • Piping: 200

The overall objective of this process is to produce a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Plan, which meets statutory obligations, corporate objectives and standards in the most effective manner. Specifically this process aims to:

  • Identify/review the potential failure modes for each item of equipment and piping system.
  • Predict the Probability of each Degradation Mechanism.
  • Predict the Consequence of Failure (Hazard Level, Environmental and Business impacts) for each item.
  • Determine suitable monitoring, mitigation and inspection methods.
  • Determine the frequency of application of these methods.


Velosi performed RBI Study for equipment and piping within GTG as per API-580/581, utilizing Semi-Quantitative approach VAIL-Plant software PEMS module.


Velosi successfully carried out the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) study for equipment and piping within GTG of CCC by adopting semi quantitative RBI approach and utilizing VAIL Plant Software (PEMS module). The RBI methodology used for this project is based on API RP 581.


Velosi submitted the following deliverables:

  • RBI Asset Register
  • Risk Based Inspection Specification/Methodology
  • Risk Based Inspection Report
  • Inspection Plan and Baseline Asset Passports
  • System Mark-up PFDs and P&IDs
  • Recommendations
  • Inspection Isometrics

VAIL Plant Software Modules:

  • PEMS – Pressurized Equipment Management System
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