Provision of Phase 5 Risk Based Inspection Study (RBI)

  • Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company Sdn Bhd (CPOC)
  • Malaysia
  • South Asia
Provision of Phase 5 Risk Based Inspection Study (RBI)
Velosi was appointed by Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company Sdn Bhd (CPOC) to conduct a detailed Risk Assessment study to analyze the current risk levels to optimize future inspection plans.


The project scope included RBI Study which was performed for the Equipment Items and piping Systems along with CMP, Pipeline, Structure, and PSVs for the following platforms:


  • MDG (MUDA G Wellhead Platform)
  • TPB (TAPI B Wellhead Platform)


  • 18-inch Gas Condensate Pipeline-MDE-MDG


  • MDG (MUDA G Wellhead Platform)


  • MDG (MUDA G Wellhead Platform)
  • TPB (TAPI B Wellhead Platform)


Velosi’s team of expert individuals performed a Risk based Inspection Study (RBI) to clarify and recommendation for rectification work on all possible problems or issues regarding all damage mechanisms by competent personnel (API580/581 for Pipingand Pressure Vessel, API RP 2SIM for Structure, and API RP 1176 & 1160 for Pipeline) and aided by software.


Velosi successfully carried out the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) study for equipment & and piping with CMP, Pipeline, Structure, and PSVs within MDG/MDE and TPB platforms of CPOC by adopting semi semi-quantitative RBI approach. The RBI methodology used for this project is based on API RP 581.


Velosi executed the following deliverables:


  • Corrosion Loop Drawings (PFDs and P&IDs)
  • Asset Register
  • Corrosion Inspection Manual
  • Risk Analysis
  • Inspection Plan
  • Inspection Drawings
  • IOWs
  • RBI Study Report
  • Corrosion Management Plan (CMP)


  • Pipeline Section Division Drawing
  • Mechanical Assessment Sheet
  • PoF and CoF Assessment
  • Inspection and Maintenance Plan
  • Pipeline Inspection Drawing
  • RBI Study Report


  • Detailed structure asset register describing the inspection reference plan of all the structural components, also indicating the critical structural components for MDG platform.
  • Tag Marked Drawings.
  • Inspection Reference Plan (IRP)
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Drawing List
  • RBI Study Report


  • Development of Asset Register
  • FMECA based Risk Assessment
  • Development of Inspection Plans
  • RBI Study Report
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