Provision of Consulting services for Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) Upgrade Project for Daleel Petroleum LLC

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Daleel Petroleum LLC
Daleel appointed Velosi to provide consulting services for Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) project. The services included complete RCM study, preparation of facility change recommendations, standardized operating instructions for plant production team and uploading of all the data into Daleel ERP system. The challenges that were faced along the way include missing engineering specifications, unavailability of OEM manuals and missing information regarding engineering design parameters.


The scope of work included carrying out RCM Study for process plant, gathering stations, custody metering Units and Well sites associated with Daleel production facilities. Milestones, thus covered in this RCM Study, are development of Asset register, Failure mode effect and criticality analysis (FMECA), Recommendation of Preventive maintenance schedules and routines, preparation of maintenance craft procedures and Bill of materials, preparation of facility change recommendations, standardized operating instructions for plant production team, deployment of data in Daleel ERP system, implementation of RCM study using VAIL-Plant software EIRMS module and final RCM report. The scope of work included all equipment including electrical, mechanical & instrumentation.


Velosi carried out RCM Study for provision of consulting services for Daleel assets using VAIL Plant software EIRMS module (Electrical, Instrumentation & Rotary Management System). Velosi has performed site visit for DPS, BBS, LACT Units and Well sites for visual inspection, data collection and discussion with site team. During the study, Asset Register was developed as per ISO-14224 to perform RCM study in line with SAE JA1011/ 1012 standards, Failure Modes aligning with ISO-14224 & OREDA, Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) in accordance with BS EN 60812 resulting in Optimization of PM Plans, Task Lists and Job Plans along with recommended spares.

Following steps were performed for carrying out the study;

  • Collection and Verification of Daleel data
  • Site Visit for Visual Inspection and Data Collection
  • Preparation of Asset Register
  • Development of Equipment Boundary as per ISO-14224
  • Identification of Function, Function Failure and Failure Modes
  • Identification of failure effects to evaluate the consequences of failure on People, Financial Loss (Asset + Production), Environment, Reputation/Community Impact/Social-Cultural Heritage.
  • Development of Reliability Model Steps
  • Review and Assessment of Failure and Maintenance History
  • Calculation of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
  • Identification of POF & COF for Risk Analysis
  • Development of Maintenance Strategies
  • Identification of Causes based Maintainable items and development of Maintenance Bill of Material
  • Development of PMRs (PM Intervals, Task Lists, Spares) and Maintenance Craft Procedures
  • Development of Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) for production teams
  • Development of Facility Change proposals based on the RCM study
  • Complete RCM analysis using VAIL-Plant software EIRMS module
  • Population of updated maintenance routines in client ERP system

RCM Report with detailed findings, recommendations and lessons learnt register.


Velosi performed RCM Study and provided the outcome in the form of reports along with recommendations to improve the asset performance and operational life. Velosi also utilized the EIRMS module of VAIL-Plant for better and efficient maintenance and data management of the assets.


Velosi developed the following deliverables:

  • Updated and verified Asset Register
  • FMECA Worksheets
  • Planned Maintenance Routines (PMRs) with Maintenance Strategies, PM Plans, Task Lists and Recommendations, Recommended Spares
  • Job Plans and Maintenance Craft Procedures
  • Maintenance Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Comparison OEM vs RCM recommendations
  • Facility Change proposals
  • Templates for ERP system
  • VAIL-Plant software EIRMS Module
  • RCM training for Daleel maintenance and maintenance planning teams
  • RCM Report and Presentations
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