Risk Based Inspection Program Development for Petronas FLNG 1 (L) LTD. Topside structure and Hull

  • Malaysia
  • Southeast Asia
Velosi established a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Program and created an effective Facilities Integrity Management System (FIMS) for Petronas Topside Structure located in Malaysia.


  • Establish a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Program for Petronas topside structure including turret; hull structure including cargo tanks, mooring system; and flexible riser by carrying out a comprehensive risk analysis which features a total quality assurance approach, resulting in substantial cost savings for Petronas.
  • Audit and optimize the existing safety configurations of Petronas facilities to ensure productivity, reliability and security.

Scope of Work

  • Develop Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Program for Petronas FLNG 1 (L) LTD Topside structure and Hull Structure.
  • Implement an RBI software package for risk assessment and recording of RBI data, including inspection plan with a database which shall be valid throughout the FLNG1 design life
  • Integration of recommended RBI IRP with class survey requirement, including endorsement/approval from the current class society.
  • Training for VAIL-Plant Software Implementation


  • Risk Based Inspection Program:
    • Comprehensive RBI Study for Topside Structure
    • Tag Marked Drawings for SIMS and HIMS
    • Failure Rate and Risk Allocation
    • RBI Report with Results and Conclusions
    • Recommendation on Additional Safeguards and Action(s) where Required
    • Inspection Plan Comprising of Inspection Method, Coverage and Frequency


  • VAIL Plant Software Modules:
    • SIMS – Structure Integrity Management System
    • HIMS – Hull Integrity Management System
    • ISMS – Inspection Scheduling Management System
    • Integration of VAIL-Plant Software with SAP
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