Development of A Unit Intervention Plan

September 24, 2023
Our Role

GTFT (Groupment TFT) Algeria assigned Velosi to develop a Unit Intervention Plan for its Socio-Economic Establishment in accordance with the Algerian Regulations.

Unit Intervention Plan brings together a set of organizational principles and practical recommendations for the management, from the Headquarters in Hassi Messaoud, of an emergency involving the people and/or the installations of the Tin Fouyé Tabenkort Site or the Base Life in Hassi-Messaoud.

An emergency includes unplanned and unwanted events or series of events that may:

  • endanger the safety of people
  • threaten the environment
  • Create a risk for the production and the integrity of the installations

The Unit Intervention Plan determines as follows:

  • The organization required to manage the crisis
  • The alert procedure
  • The functions and responsibilities of the people involved
  • Useful information for responding to specific situations
  • The links to be ensured with the various parties,
  • Information relating to the management, from a documentary point of view

Velosi’s Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) team will adhere to the contract and conduct a study with the help of his experts for the specified deliverable listed below.


  • Development of a Unit Intervention Plan (Socio-Economic Establishment)

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Unit Intervention Plan

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