HSE Studies During EPC Stage for Salt Domes Exploration (Leaching Facility)

August 2, 2023
Our Role

Velosi has been appointed by AL-ASAB General Transport & Contracting LLC to conduct HSE Studies during the EPC Stage for “Salt Domes Exploration (Leaching Facility) at Jabel Dhanna Area.”

Designing and constructing leaching facilities to create two underground storage units (Caverns) in rock salt at Jebel Dhanna and associated facilities. The storage capacity of the Murban crude cavern will be 1 MMbbl, and the Naphtha cavern will have a capacity of 1 MMbbl. The total storage capacity will be 2 MMbbl.

Designing and constructing leaching facilities for the formation of two Caverns, which will take approximately 1.5 to 2 years to complete, filled with brine.

The project requires comprehensive HSE studies and reports, including:

  • HAZID Study Report
  • ENVID Study Report
  • OHID Study Report
  • HAZOP Study Report
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Study Report
  • SIMOPS Study Report
  • Constructability Study Report
  • Inherent Safety Design (ISD) Study Report
  • Bow Tie Study Report
  • Occupational Health Risk Assessment (OHRA) Report
  • Fire Safety Assessment (FERA) Study (Optional)
  • Environmental Impact Study (EIA)
  • PHSER Study Report
  • Marine Modelling Study Report
  • Plant Noise Study Report
  • Social Impact Assessment Report
  • HSECES & COMAH Report
  • Energy Workshop Report
  • Health Safety Environment Impact Assessment (HSEIA) Report, including Screening Report

The work will strictly adhere to specified methods, procedures, specifications, drawings, and other technical requirements and standards. A holistic approach will be adopted, ensuring all essential components integral to the project scope are included.

Velosi’s expert technical team will efficiently conduct the studies by reviewing and compiling input data, clarifying inputs, and preparing a final report with conclusive outcomes. The model run will encompass all risks, including unforeseen component failures.

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HSE Studies During EPC Stage

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