Weight Control Procedure & Structural Analysis of Bukha West Platform

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Weight Control Procedure & Structural Analysis of Bukha West Platform as part of OQ Call-off Contract for Supply of Asset Integrity Services


The structural simulation, verification of analysis, and subsequent certification of platforms are integral components of OQ’s Structural Integrity Management System. To ensure the structural integrity of existing offshore platforms, OQ assigned Velosi to conduct a comprehensive structural assessment of the West Bukha platform, including all proposed modifications.


Velosi successfully carried out the Structural Modelling & Verification of West Bukha Platforms using Bentley Sacs software based on the data collected from clients following international codes such as API RP 2A & ISO 19902. Moreover, two structural engineers were in close communication with the client for the data collection while performing the analysis.

The activities as part of the scope of work cover the followings:

  • In-place Analysis
  • Weight Control Procedure preparation along with COG spreadsheets
  • The simulation files (SACS models) and previous reports shall be reviewed.
  • Carry out required clarifications with COMPANY to make sure all the necessary requirements are satisfied. The COMPANY representative was in a copy of all communication with the appointed focal point.
  • Platform structures analyzed considering the current condition of the platform with reference to as-built drawings and proposed upgrades by COMPANY in IFC drawings, to be adequately subjected to all incident loads (Equipment, Sea-state, Earthquake, etc.).


Accordingly, Velosi performed Structural Modelling, Verification, and Weight Control procedure preparation COG calculations of West Bukha Platforms and provided the outcome in the form of reports.


Velosi executed the following deliverables:

  • Global In-Place Analysis Report for West Bukha Platform.
  • Weight Control Report along with COG Spreadsheet.
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