Restrictions and Limitations on Hours of Operation in Constructability Review

What is constructability review?

A constructability review is an essential process that rigorously evaluates a building design to determine its feasibility for construction. This review serves to identify potential construction issues with the design before they are incorporated into the final construction process. Additionally, being conducted at an initial stage, the constructability review provides an opportunity for effective modifications in case of any potential issues.

The initial process of constructability review involves an initial analysis conducted by engineers who possess expertise in structural analysis but may not be familiar with some aspects of the project’s requirements or limitations which are approved by existing clients and contractors. Constructability engineers assess technical issues such as structural and architectural conflicts, environmental factors including noise pollution and traffic congestion, and cost reflections such as labor plus resource availability and accessibility. This analysis can identify potential problems that can be prevented and fixed before reaching the final phase.

How to Limit Hours of Operation during a Constructability Review?

The process involves technical assessment and analysis considering various significant environmental factors. In order to prevent any sort of hurdles and execute an appropriate constructability review, operation hours shall be limited.

Operation hours can be limited during a constructability review by following some initial steps such as:

  1. A specific time frame for conducting the review may be determined, with designated days and hours of availability.
  2. A Schedule of specific days following an appropriate time scale can be set forth, which will allow a flexible working methodology keeping all other aspects in mind.
  3. Parking access can be limited between the times set for constructability review.
  4. Limit construction activities accordingly.
  5. Set forth construction off days.
  6. Construction shall not be allowed during rush hours.

All Construction Operations Conducted in Compliance With the Relevant Environmental Laws, Regulations, and Policies

A project schedule determines the hours during which construction activities may take place. The contractor is liable for ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and policies during all phases of construction.

Organizations should follow international environmental laws and regulations including but not limited to:

  • Noise Regulation
  • Solid Waste Regulation
  • Air Pollution Control Ordinance (APCO)
  • Water Quality Control Ordinance (WQCO)
  • Clean Air Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard

Four Essential Directions for Restrictions and Limitations on Operation Hours during the Constructability Review

  1. The limitation on operational hours shall only apply during periods when the contractor’s engagement in other work would not obstruct the project’s progress.
  2. The implementation of operational hour restrictions shall be according to mutual agreement between the contractor and the engineer on site.
  3. Before any limitations on working hours are enforced, it is mandatory for nearby workers/customers to consult with representatives or engineers.
  4. Rules and regulations must be followed to avoid any sort of violation. If such a violation results in obstruction during any part of the project, legal measures must be taken against any liable party.

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