ISO 55001:2014 – Asset Management Systems

Introduction to ISO 55001:2014 Standard

IS0 55001:2014 is a leading asset management systems international standard established in January 2014. This standard is responsible for implementing, maintaining, and improving assets through an effective asset management system. In addition, it is one of the most important key features within an organization for implementing and managing the lifecycle of assets.

Moreover, the ISO 55001:2014 Standard assists organizations to deliver qualitative actions throughout the day with enhanced ROI (return on investment) and reduced overhead risk cost. The standard well-formulated framework can be applied to all organizational structures and assets for enhancing the overall productivity of assets.

ISO 55001:2014
ISO 55001:2014 helps to enhance the overall productivity of assets

Why is Asset Management Significant for Your Organization?

ISO 55001:2014 is one of the leading standards for effective asset management. The asset is an integral part of an organization and its proficient functionality is always an utmost priority. This standard centralizes proper asset management performance and sets forth crucial improvement solutions in order to meet legal regulatory requirements.

The goals of your organization revolve around assets and their management, ISO 55001:2014 is capable of complying with an asset management system allowing your organization to accomplish the set goals for productive outcomes.

Leading Benefits of ISO 55001:2014

The following 10 features regulate efficient asset lifecycle management:

  1. Minimizes the risk potential for asset owners
  2. Eliminates unnecessary maintenance costs
  3. Complies with set rules and regulations
  4. Boosts product/asset quality with proficient asset management
  5. Enhances qualitative services
  6. Initiates new business opportunities through standard compliance
  7. Reinforces international business growth
  8. Maximizes business strategy and performance rate
  9. Certifies safe and secured asset operations
  10. Implies cost and time-efficient improvements

Sustainable Development Goals

ISO 55001:2014 In Accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

ISO 55001:2014 gains more importance by contributing to seven Sustainable Development Goals. The significance highlights its presence to execute social and economic progress in accordance with safeguarding the environment.

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