Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as an Organizational Operator and its Major Features

Nowadays ERP Software applications are regarded as not just simple technology innovation but also as an organizational assister and immense support for easy as well as for difficult tasks.  We as customers evaluate the system application on attributes and scope it is covering. Software with strong attributes and a wide range of scope always be the best choice for an organization (customers). However, ERP with gaps in it, such as lack of user familiarity and increased maintenance costs results in withdrawing or less catchy quality from the customer side. In short, an ERP serves as an organization operator meaning that it controls the entire operational and functional system. While an organization with no ERP system contains ineffective and poor-quality processes and procedures.

Predominant Features:

Improving Efficiency

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are used to automate a variety of business processes that would otherwise take a significant amount of time and effort to complete manually. Tracking inventory, assigning tasks to employees, monitoring working hours, distributing salaries, and generating financial reports are all examples of repetitive tasks that can be automated.

Boosting Team Collaboration

Cross-departmental collaboration is an important and often required aspect of running a business. An ERP system eliminates barriers between departments within a company. A department can access data from other departments by storing data in a centralized and consistent ERP software. Over the internet, SaaS or cloud-based ERP can extend existing inter-team collaboration across multiple offices in different locations.

Lowering Operating Expenses

ERP systems assist businesses in reducing operational costs. Because the majority of operational activities are automated, various interruptions, delays, and breakdowns can be anticipated. All of the complex work can be completed more quickly, resulting in a shorter lead time. Companies can also reduce labor costs because ERP solutions handle a variety of day-to-day tasks.

Improving Data Security Producing Realistic and Accurate Forecasts

To prevent data breaches, ERP solutions include firewalls and restriction controls. The system centralizes all data so that access points can easily monitor it. Administrators in charge of managing company data can grant employees with limited access rights. HR managers, for example, can deny themselves and stakeholders’ access to certain important data while allowing employees to view their financial data. Admins can also quickly deactivate laid-off employees’ access and grant it to new ones. ERP solutions also display user activities, allowing administrators to quickly identify unauthorized actions or suspicious activity patterns in the system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as an Organizational Operator and its Major Features

In this blog, we will include the example of Velosi’ s VAIL-ERP as an organizational operator due to the fact that it covers almost every single functionality of the system. Not only the technological qualities it is equipped with, but also the internal factors in the company are affected by the type of ERP we are using.

Process Centralization

One of the main advantages Velosi’ s VAIL-ERP provides is the centralization of the processes. Very often, firms utilize separate software applications for tracking and recording data, Whereas the accounting department performs their functions on another software solution, and Human Resources uses another program. Thus, organizational processes are disorganized and not joined. With a VAIL-ERP solution, the firm’s processes and work activities are centralized. It means only one source of information and communication will be enough. VAIL-ERP solutions knock out the requirement for multiple fronts- and back-end applications together with offering a single source of information and functions.

Minimizing faulty decision

Moreover, the VAIL-ERP solution allows the decision makers with adequate information transferred in real time. We know that now a day’s organizations have to face data silos means data repository is only available to limited departments and isolated from the different departments of the organization. While having no communication approach between the departments, the departments could not have a joint connection between them.  If you require information from accounts, sales, worksite, inventory, and distribution in order to make the correct decisions, then VAIL-ERP is there that communicates the dots and offers you new highlights and insights.

 Accounting Long Queue

Moreover, the company most of the time is dependent on paper documentation such as invoices and quotations which results in wasting a lot of time annually as manual entry is required in those systems. And it may happen that most of the time due to the above reason the sales and financing departments are out of synchronization especially when it comes to consumer relationships. VAIL-ERP application includes and visualizes the accounts information in one shared system. In this way, VAIL-ERP assists the finance team to become more productive, flexible, and visible with the advantage of speedy availability and retrieving of information and data.

Last but not the least, VAIL-ERP functionalities don’t end here rather it includes controls that strengthen operation and functional processes and procedures involved in company operations. It also allows the procedures according to flows for resulting in optimal usage of assets and resources such as manpower, assets, funds, and processes.


ERP systems automate and streamline processes, resulting in a leaner, more accurate, and efficient operation. ERP gives you complete visibility into your core business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, for example, improve information systems by providing superior resource tracking and reporting, database management and data sharing, and overall improved information systems, enabling your company to grow without incurring additional IT or staffing costs.

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