An Overview of Wellhead Integrity Management Systems and their Role in Preventing Oil & Gas Well Head Failures – VAIL Plant

An Overview of Wellhead Integrity Management Systems and their Role in Preventing Oil & Gas Well Head Failures – VAIL Plant

Wellheads are the most critical components that connect the surface facilities with the well. In the oil and gas industry, there are many different technologies that are utilized to maintain wellhead integrity management. One such technology is the Wellhead Integrity Management System (WHIMS) which is a robust, web-based system designed to detect and minimize risks of the well failure. An integrated Wellhead Integrity Management System mitigates the risk and cost of intervention in well integrity incidents by using a multidisciplinary approach and real-time intelligence. This blog will introduce the purpose of WHIMS and some of the benefits associated with it.

WHIMS is a computer-based system that provides an integrated, real-time view of all production and safety data for each wellhead in a facility. It has the ability to keep track of all important operating parameters and provides clear results on what is happening at any given moment. This information is displayed in graphical format for easy understanding of what is happening with each wellhead. It also offers a predictive analysis of how various changes in operating parameters can lead to future failures or consequences.

WHIMS, was created to help reduce risks of the well failure by detecting early signs and minimizing conditions that may lead to a problem. This can be done by monitoring data from various sources at predetermined intervals, logging in and checking for warning signs via reports or notifications, implementing preventive measures when necessary, and recognizing indicators that show potential problems before they happen. The system also offers a platform for collaboration among members of an oil and gas company.


Velosi’s Wellhead Integrity Services utilizes FMECA-based (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis) RBI methodologies to assess wellhead integrity, and automate preventive maintenance activities according to API 6A, API 14B, API 14C, API 7L, API RP 57, and ISOTS – 116530-2 standards. We strive to ensure that wells operate successfully for the length of time intended, with all risks being kept to a minimum, as well as ensuring the integrity of each wellhead. We, therefore, employ exceptional operating standards and guidelines to maintain wellhead integrity parameters that maximize Return on Investment (ROI) while preserving safety and the environment.

Why WHIMS is beneficial

  • Analyzes the risks associated with different maintenance options.
  • Performs an evaluation of the blowout risk associated with specific wellhead equipment.
  • Assesses the potential for barrier problems in particular wellhead types.
  • Analyzes the effectiveness of risk reduction methods.
  • Conduct an evaluation of any potential barriers during wellhead interventions/maintenance.

This management system contributes to effective deliverables, such as

  • Formulization of Asset Register
  • Identification of Applicable Damage Mechanism/Degradation Mechanism
  • Risk Ranking
  • Calculation of Criticality Based on Calculated Probability of Failure (POF)
  • Consequence of Failure (COF) Inspection Plan against Calculated Criticality Factors

To conclude the software for Wellhead Integrity Management is built on a fully open, interoperable space platform, providing flexibility for customization and the ability to develop solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of business processes and computing environments.

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