SAIPEM- Safety Studies for 8 Future Wells

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Middle East
Safety Studies
Velosi was assigned by SAIPEM to perform EPC works for early TIE-INS, Shah Gas main Plant, at Shah Sulphur station & gas.


The list of Release sources:

  1. Tie in at unit 719 including transfer line receiver no 3.
  2. One new supplemental side cooler per train (721/722-E-308 & 721/722-E-358).
  3. Propane supplied by the spare capacity of Central Refrigeration Unit-730 to Solvent Regeneration.
  4. New equipment is added for OSGE scope of work in a central area for Units 731/732/733/734:
  • One new N, N-bis (hydroxyethoxyethyl) urea (BHEEU) converter (731/732/733/734-E-108) is installed to obtain a lean solvent with an acid gas loading of 0.0303 mol/mol;
  • One new HP Converter liquid flash drum (731/732/733/734-V-114);
  • Two new HP converter FEED Pumps (731/732/733/734-P-113 A/B);
  • One new HP converter condensate drum (731/732/733/734-V-115);
  • One new Lean solvent trim cooler (731/732/733/734-E-107);
  • One new supplemental regenerator Overhead Condenser (731/732/733/734-E-109).
  1. Compressors change of operation from 2 x 50% to, 3 x 33 % configuration to meet OSGE capacity.
  2. The following equipment is modified for OSGE Scope of Work
  • Re-bundled Propane Compressor (741-C-201 / 742-C-201) with new motor;
  • Re-wheeled Turbo Expander/ Recompressor (741-EC-301 / 742-EC-301);
  • Modified Demethanizer (741-V-304) internals.
  1. Due to the increased capacity of the OSGE facility, the Shah Sulphur Station shall include the following modifications to ensure the increased throughput of Sulphur which can be processed
  • Additional Sulphur Day Vessels & associated coolers;
  • Liquid Sulphur Filters;
  • Sulphur Granulators and associated feed pumps with the aim of maintaining the current operations philosophy for increased capacity;
  • Modification of the existing Sulphur coolers associated with day vessels.
  1. With regards to the gas gathering system, 4 current plus 8 future wells at Main Pad 8 (MP8) are foreseen as a part of OSGE Scope of Work.


Velosi’s expert technical team efficiently conducted the studies by reviewing and compiling input data, clarifying inputs, and preparing a final report with conclusive outcomes. The model run encompasses all risks, including unforeseen component failures.


Velosi successfully carried out the Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA) Studies for 8 Future Wells.


Velosi submitted the following deliverables:

  • HAZID/ENVID/OHID Workshops and Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Report
  • Emergency System Survivability Analysis (ESSA) Report
  • Evacuation, Escape and Rescue Assessment (EERA) Report
  • Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA) Report
  • HSECES identification, Performance Standards
  • Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH)
  • HSEIA Report
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