EIRMS Implementation Services for LAM-C, LAM-22, LAM-13 & LAM-63 Offshore Platforms-DOTL

  • Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Ltd
  • Turkmenistan
  • Central Asia
DOTL assigned Velosi for Implementation of EIRMS services for LAM-C, LAM-13, LAM-22 and LAM-63 Offshore Platforms using VAIL-PLANT EIRMS Module.


The total Equipment covered in LAM-C, LAM-13, LAM-22 and LAM-63 for the RCM study are 4350.

The scope of work includes the following;

  • Site Walkthrough for Markup of Drawings
  • Development of Asset Register
  • FMECA based RCM Study
  • Planned Maintenance Routines / Work Specification (generic/specific).
  • Maintenance schedule with resource (man-power & man-hours) with details, recommendation.


Velosi performed Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Study for Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire & Gas and Rotary Equipment within LAM-C, LAM-13, LAM-22 and LAM-63 platforms as per SAE-JA-1011/1012, BS-60812, ISO-14224 and OREDA, utilizing VAIL-Plant software EIRMS module.


Velosi successfully carried out the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) study for Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire & Gas, and Rotary Equipment within LAM-C, LAM-13, LAM-22 and LAM-63 platforms of DOTL by utilizing VAIL Plant Software (EIRMS module). The RCM methodology used for this project is based on SAE-JA-1011/1012, BS-60812.


Velosi submitted the following deliverables:

  • Markup Drawings (P&IDs, SLDs, F&G Layouts)
  • Asset Register
  • FMECA Results
  • Planned Maintenance Routines (PMRs) with Task and Recommendations
  • Spares aligned with Task List
  • VAIL Plant EIRMS Module
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