Asset Integrity Management System “AIMS” Development for ADNOC Offshore and Al-Yasat Company

  • ADNOC Offshore & Al-Yasat Company
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Middle East
ADNOC & Al-Yasat Company
Development of Asset Integrity Management System “AIMS” for ADNOC Offshore & Al-Yasat Company


During the period 2018-19, the existing AIMS documentation, processes, and procedures at ADNOC OFFSHORE and AL YASAT PETROLEUM Companies were reviewed in accordance with the Asset Integrity Management COP released by ADNOC in 2017.

  • ADNOC-COP IM-1.0 Integrity Management
  • ADNOC-COP IM-1.1 Inspection and Corrosion Management
  • ADNOC-COP IM-1.2 Maintenance Management
  • ADNOC-COP IM-1.3 Well Integrity Management

In order to fully comply with ADNOC AGAI-STD-0002, ADNOC OFFSHORE and AL YASAT PETROLEUM Companies intend to hire a suitable consultant to provide relevant resources and expertise.

As part of the scope of work, the consultant will provide highly qualified, certified, and experienced personnel for the following activities.

  • Gap Analysis of ADNOC Offshore Asset Integrity Management System Documents
  • Updation of ADNOC Offshore Asset Integrity Management System


As part of the Gap Analysis, Velosi compared the ADNOC Offshore AIMS documents to the expectations outlined in the ADNOC Offshore AIMS standards (AGAI-STD-0002 and AGAI-STD-0004). Over the course of multiple review workshops, all AIMS documents were reviewed and gaps were discussed with the ADNOC Offshore team. As a result of ADNOC Offshore’s concurrence on the gaps identified and how they can be bridged, a “Gap Analysis Report” was finalized against each document for further updating of AIMS documentation.


Accordingly, Velosi performed a gap analysis of existing AIMS documents, compared them with the ADNOC Standards, and produced updated AIMS documents as a result.


Velosi developed the following deliverables:

  • Asset Integrity Management Policy (AIM POL)
  • Asset Integrity Management system (Main document)
  • Inspection Management System (IMS)
  • Well Integrity Management System (WIMS)
  • Pipelines Integrity Management System (PIMS)
  • Structure Integrity Management System (SIMS)
  • Civil Work Structures Integrity Management System (CWIMS)
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