HSE Critical Integrity Verification for ADNOC Refining Facilities

  • ADNOC Refining
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Middle-East
ADNOC approached Velosi to carry out HSE critical integrity verification to define Major Hazard Scenarios that cover all foreseeable possibilities for the four risk categories i.e. people, assets, environment and reputation for their Refining Facilities located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


HSECES Verfication : To verify HSE Critical Equipment and Systems (HSECES) has been appropriately identified and to check that identified HSECES and defined Major Hazard Scenarios covered all foreseeable possibilities for the four risk categories.

Performance Standards Verification : To conduct a study to verify whether HSECES Performance Standards were integrated with Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Scope of Work

  • Document Review and Preliminary Site Visit
  • Verification of HSECES Identification
  • Verification of HSE Critical Integrity Activities
  • Verification of HSECES Performance Standards
  • Verification of Uploading of HSECES and Integration with CMMS
  • Verification of Execution of Performance Assurance Tasks
  • Verification of Competency Assurance
  • Verification of the Integrity of the Modification and Repair of HSECES
  • Submission of the Final Report
  • Presenting the findings to the Site Management
  • Presenting the Final Findings to ADNOC Refining Senior Management


  • Project Methodology
  • Gap Analysis Report
  • HSE Critical Integrity Verification Report
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