ADNOC LNG Trains Operational Life Extension Independent Overall Assessment and Verification

  • Das Island, UAE
  • Middle East
Velosi conducted an independent overall integrated review and verification, including a Remaining Life Assessment (RLA), of all the studies and work carried for extending the operating life of ADNOC LNG Train-1, 2 and 3 and the associated facilities located in Das Island, UAE.


Scope of Work

Phase 1:

The scope of work included the overall review of LNG trains operational life extension approach that comprised establishing a road map to conduct the study for all the disciplines, involving integrity, reliability of the rotating/mechanical equipment, electrical and instrument, and control.

Phase 2:

The scope of work included carrying out independent validation, verification, and providing consistency of study outcomes that comprised reviewing the outcomes from the different packages for verifying and validating the conclusions and the recommendations and address, if required, any additional analysis or study to assure the asset integrity and fitness for service.


Velosi has assessed the current condition of the LNG Train-1, 2 and 3 and the associated facilities and also their remaining life. We have adopted a logical approach and our efforts are directed towards gathering data on the component/equipment history.


Velosi has successfully implemented a comprehensive Integrity and Reliability Management System (AIRMS) and has carried out additional studies to identify and monitor specific damage mechanisms for various plant areas. To enhance the existing knowledge-base, ADNOC LNG required a further detailed assessment of specific plant areas and systems, particularly to identify measures to extend the lifetime of such systems whilst ensuring required integrity and reliability.


Velosi submitted the following deliverables:

  • Operational Life Extension Approach Review Report for Phase 1
  • Presentation to ADNOC LNG Management on Operational Life Extension Approach Review for Phase 1
  • Report for Phase 2 including Investment and Implementation Plan
  • Presentation to ADNOC LNG Management on Phase 2
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