Velosi awarded a contract by PlusPetrol to conduct the implementation of Velosi's Asset Integrity Management System

January 20, 2023
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Velosi, through its Asset Integrity Management services, has been awarded a contract by PlusPetrol to conduct the implementation of Velosi’s Asset Integrity Management System. This system will be used to oversee pressure control equipment and pipeline integrity management according to the functional and organizational needs of PlusPetrol. The project includes a comprehensive functional and geographic scope of work to ensure the successful implementation of the system.

The functional scope of the project includes the implementation of Velosi’s VAIL Asset Integrity Management System, which will be customized to meet the specific requirements of PlusPetrol. The system will be integrated with various third-party enterprise systems and related applications such as SAP Plant Maintenance, ESRI Geographical Information System, Enterprise Time Series Data Historian, Azure Active Directory for Single Sign On, and Cloud Access Security Broker. This integration will enable seamless data transfer and analysis across different systems. Additionally, the project will include data conversion and migration to ensure that all relevant information is accurately transferred to the new system.

The geographic scope of the project includes the rollout of the solution to various geographic locations where PlusPetrol operates, including Argentina (La Calera and Río Colorado), Peru (Malvinas and Pisco), and Ecuador. This rollout will ensure that the system is implemented and deployed consistently across all PlusPetrol’s operations, allowing for better monitoring and management of the company’s assets.

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