Velosi Enters into the Nuclear Energy Sector!

October 25, 2023
Our Role

Velosi is thrilled to share a momentous achievement – a contract secured with Nawah Energy Company, a subsidiary of the esteemed Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC).

We take great pride in revealing that our in-house built proprietary software, VAIL-Plant®, which is a Complete Asset Integrity Management Software, has been carefully chosen to facilitate risk-based assessments of pressurized static, fixed components, including pressure vessels, storage tanks, and their associated power piping at Nawah Energy Company. To meet the comprehensive project scope, Velosi has offered to include the VAIL-Plant® PEMS, ISMS, and APMS Modules.

This collaborative endeavor serves as a testament to Velosi’s leadership in the industry and our dedication to delivering top-quality professional services.

Scope of Work

  • RBI Assessment and Inspection Management Software
  • Risk Based Inspection program development
  • Establishing objectives and goals of RBI assessment
  • RBI Assessment of pressurized components and piping system across all BNPP facilities.
  • Estimation of Probability and Consequence of failure
  • Risk Ranking
  • Inspection Planning
  • Documentation & Implementation Support for RBI software


  • RBI Software: Provision of the following modules of VAIL-Plant®.
    • PEMS – Pressurized Equipment Management System
    • APMS – Asset Performance Management System
    • ISMS – Inspection Scheduling Management System
  • RBI Assessment Strategy: A comprehensive RBI assessment strategy procedure prior to the commencement of the RBI assessment.
  • Inspection Plan: A detailed inspection plan that includes inspection methods, scope and extent of the inspection and frequency.
  • Asset Master Risk Register: Document where risks are mapped and prioritized according to their risk level.
  • Risk Assessments: Risk Assessment Results of each equipment.
  • Risk Management Plan: Risk control strategy and detailed action plan on how to manage each risk.
  • Final Assessment Report: Comprehensive RBI report with findings and recommendations.

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