Third-Party Inspection (TPI) of Diverter Damper

August 22, 2022
Our Role

Golden Pass LNG Internal LLC in Vietnam, has awarded a contract to Velosi to perform the Inspection of the Diverter Damper to validate the existing condition of the equipment against the internationally applicable standard.

Velosi’s technical team will efficiently perform the inspection of the Diverter Damper by monitoring manufacturing base material and consumable certificate EN10204 type 3.1, monitoring dimension control of products, and reviewing WPSs/PQRs, WQTs, and witness FAT accordingly.

Velosi team will systematically validate the existing condition of the equipment by verifying NDE procedure and personnel qualification, verifying Charpy V-notch test on all plate material with a thickness greater than 38 mm (1.5 inches) and preheat temperature, witnessing MT testing on lifting lug attachment weld and UT all Beam splices in webs and flanges, dimension control of the complete set, and verifying all the necessary checklist needed to validate and perform the inspection efficiently.

Team Velosi will complete the project by executing the following deliverable:

  • Reviewing ITP, MTRs, Visual and Dimensional Inspection Records, Welding Control Records, NDE Reports, FAT testing report, Surface Preparation (blasting), and Coating Records.
  • Evaluate Supplier Certificate of Conformance, applicable NRTL certificates, NCRs, and Photos of Packaging.
  • Analyze documentation clearly identified by panel, unit, and project.
  • Prepare MRB as per the approved MRB Index (USSP-MAZ-25-MQ-948-Q48-0445).
  • Validated Shipment authorization.
Diverter Damper

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