Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study for Saudi Aramco's Marjan Field

August 21, 2023
Our Role

SNAMPROGETTI SAUDI ARABIA CO. LTD. (SAIPEM) awarded a project to Velosi for performing Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study at Saudi Aramco’s Marjan field in Saudi Arabia based on the requirements of the latest editions of API 580 and API 581.

Velosi shall perform a quantitative Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study for static equipment and piping per Saudi Aramco Standards using API RBI software.

Velosi shall perform a semi-quantitative Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study for Saudi Aramco Pipelines as per API 1160, B31.8, and B31.4 (whichever is applicable) by using VAIL-Plant PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Management System) Offshore module.

Velosi shall perform a Qualitative Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study for Structure as per International Standards (i.e., API RP 2 SIM) by using VAIL-Plant software SIMS Module (Structural Integrity Management System) and an On-Stream Inspection (OSI) Program as per SAES-A-135.

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